Introducing the new RMA 510V Self Propelled Cordless Lawnmower

RMA 510 V Lawnmower

The self propelled function of the new RMA 510 V is a little different to the normal style of self propulsion that we might know from petrol lawnmowers. The drive system on the RMA 510 V is not subject to engine speed and is therefore completely independent from the blade. There are two motors in the RMA 510 V; one for the blade and another for the drive system. Because the drive motor is independent from the blade motor we can vary the speed of the motor to suit the operators needs. With a lever we can simply increase or decrease the forward drive speed on the go. There are no gears or belt shifts required. This system is also considered to be more durable.


  • 75L Catcher Capacity
  • Variable Speed
  • Two Motors
  • Self Propelled