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With the STIHL SP-KM special harvester Combi attachment, your STIHL Combi Engine becomes an efficient tool for harvesting olives, pistachios, almonds, and other fruits. It's easy to install and weighs just 1.9 kg (tool only), making it suitable for both domestic gardens and professional fruit cultivation. The oscillating double-row comb with offset rods allows you to gently shake fruit from trees without causing damage to branches or leaves. Its lightweight design and 144 cm length ensure comfortable use, even during extended work periods, and the counter-rotating combs help minimize vibrations.

You can easily attach the SP-KM tool without the need for additional tools, thanks to the quick coupling mechanism with a clamping screw. This attachment can be used with all Combi Engines.


Technical details

Weight2 kg
Overall length144 cm

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