STIHL cordless technology: for all applications

Whether you're caring for your garden or working in a professional setting, STIHL cordless technology has you covered for any job. STIHL cordless power tools are quiet, powerful, and user-friendly.

Overview: STIHL cordless battery systems

 battery carrier filled with AP battery packs is mounted on a pick-up

STIHL lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and durable.

Advantages of
lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are used in all STIHL Cordless Battery tools – they offer many advantages including:

  • Long service life
  • No memory effect
  • Low weight
  • Low self-discharge
A STIHL AS 2 battery charging in a STIHL charger

STIHL AS 2 battery and STIHL AL 1 charger from the STIHL AS Battery System

Battery life and charging times

Discover runtimes and charging durations for various STIHL cordless battery power tools and batteries.

Battery care with a STIHL AK 10 and AK 20 battery in a tool shed

STIHL AK 20 Battery and STIHL AL 101 Charger

Battery care

In the era of modern technologies, numerous outdated battery myths no longer apply, especially to lithium-ion batteries. We provide essential information you need to know about battery care.

A gardening and landscaping team with STIHL professional cordless power tools walking along a street.

AP-System power tools are perfect for professional use.

STIHL AP-System: perfect for professional use 

The powerful cordless power tools within the STIHL AP-System are perfect for daily professional applications in landscaping, gardening, and tree maintenance. 

Even in challenging weather conditions, these power tools offer peak performance.

A woman in front of a laptop taking an AP 300 S from the STIHL AL 301-4 multi-charger

The multiple charger for simultaneous charging.


The innovative charging and energy management system from STIHL ensures you have ample power, whether you're in the workshop or on the go. It allows you to effortlessly charge and manage your devices, keeping you well-prepared at all times.

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