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Top of the range 2-MIX Clearing Saw with M-Tronic (M) and ErgoStart (E)

The STIHL FS 561 C-EM petrol-driven clearing saw is a powerful and fuel-efficient choice, especially suitable for professional users in landscape maintenance and agriculture. One of its remarkable features is its larger mowing circle diameter of 560 mm. The STIHL ErgoStart system ensures an easy and less strenuous start for this petrol-driven clearing saw. Another advantage is the STIHL M-Tronic feature, ensuring consistent optimal engine performance even at a steady high RPM, guaranteeing a comfortable operatating experience. Furthermore, this robust professional clearing saw produces only minimal vibrations, contributing to a comfortable work experience even during demanding tasks. The ergonomic bike handle supports a natural motion from side to side which aids the user in large scale mowing.

With a power output of 2.8 kW, it's perfectly suited for various sawing tasks. Its distinct advantage lies in its ability to be equipped with a range of different STIHL heads and blades. Whether you need pointed teeth, chisel teeth, or carbide blades, the STIHL Clearing Saw Accessories has you covered. This adaptability makes the FS 561 C-EM an ideal companion for clearing and sawing tasks, catering to the needs of professionals in forestry work.

It's crucial to note that, for safety reasons, it's imperative to use circular saw blades in combination with STIHL protection for clearing saws. This ensures both optimal performance and operator safety.


The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.

STIHL M-Tronic
STIHL ErgoStart (E)

Technical details

Displacement57.1 cc
Power output2.8 kW
Weight10.3 kg 1)
Total length1760 cm 2)
Fuel tank capacity990 l

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