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Technical details

Operating pressure125 bar (air pressure)
Max. pressure160 bar (air pressure) 1)
Min. water throughput386 l/h
Max. water throughput448 l/h
Max. water feed temperature20 degree Celsius


The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.


The STIHL RE 120 electric high-pressure cleaner is your go-to solution for domestic cleaning needs, whether you're dealing with dirty stairs, decks, or garden furniture. This powerful machine is equipped with a durable induction motor and a robust aluminum high-pressure pump, capable of generating a maximum pressure of 160 bar.

Cleaning becomes effortless with the extended spray lance, enabling you to work comfortably in an upright position. The 9-meter high-pressure hose swiftly connects to the high-pressure gun and the STIHL RE 120 with the convenient quick-release coupling. The anti-drill quick-release coupling on the high-pressure gun, ensures the hose won't kink during use.

To cater to various cleaning needs, the STIHL RE 120 high-pressure cleaner includes two standard nozzles. The rotary nozzle produces a potent point jet, perfect for tackling stubborn dirt, while the adjustable fan jet nozzle is ideal for more delicate surfaces.  Additionally, a cleaning agent spray set can be attached to introduce cleaning agents into the water jet, making light work of tough cleaning tasks.

Conveniently stow the high-pressure lance directly on the STIHL RE 120 during breaks or after cleaning sessions, there is also integrated nozzle and power cable storage. Transporting the STIHL RE 120 is hassle-free with the aluminum telescopic handle, an additional transport handle, and integrated transport wheels.

With a wide array of high-pressure cleaner accessories available, the STIHL RE 120 is a versatile tool ready to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks both inside and outside your home.

RE 120

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