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Technical details

Rated voltage220-240 V
Rated current2.3 ampere
Weight4.4 kilogram 1)
Power consumption300 kW
Charging current6.5 ampere


For gardeners, landscapers, and professionals who rely on cordless power tools, maintaining a consistent battery charging routine is crucial. To keep your STIHL AP-System batteries ready for action, the 230 V STIHL AL 301-4 multi-charger is the perfect choice. This versatile charger allows you to sequentially charge up to 4 STIHL AP batteries, ensuring they are consistently charged and ready for use.

The STIHL AL 301-4 multi-charger strikes a balance between charging time and power consumption, making it suitable for various work situations. It's user-friendly, designed for use in vehicles, durable, and efficiently manages energy. Additionally, you can easily check the battery charge levels with the touch of a button. This charger streamlines the process of keeping your tools powered up and ready for work.

AL 301-4, Mehrfachladegerät

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