The next generation of iMOW® & iMOW® EVO robotic lawn mowers

Fast, intelligent and fully automatic – bring home a new dimension of lawn care with new robotic mowers from STIHL.

The new iMOW®

An iMOW® Evo mowing a well-maintained garden lawn in front of a house and a hammock.

STIHL is taking lawn care to a new level with the next generation of iMOW® robotic mowers! Fully equipped to ensure a perfect cutting pattern and short mowing times. They also set new standards in terms of ease of use: state-of-the-art technology and intuitive operation – directly on the power tool itself or via the newly developed MY iMOW® app. Thanks to a high-performance lithium-ion battery and intelligent driving and charging behaviour, we can give you the gift of more time to enjoy your perfectly maintained lawn.


iMOW® model comparison

Specification iMOW® 5iMOW® 6iMOW® 7iMOW® 5 EVOiMOW® 6 EVOiMOW® 7 EVO
Max. lawn area*1,500 m²3,000 m²5,000 m²1,500 m²3,000 m²5,000 m²
Max. gradient40%40%40%45 % (60 %)**45 % (60 %)**45 % (60 %)**
Cutting width28 cm28 cm28 cm28 cm28 cm28 cm
Cut height – electric20–60 mm20–60 mm20–60 mm20–60 mm20–60 mm20–60 mm
Mowing time per battery charge (at 80%/100%)35 / 65 min100 / 150 min155 / 230 min35 / 65 min100 / 150 min155 / 230 min
Active time (per week)**75 hrs110 hrs160 hrs60 hrs90 hrs125 hrs
Charging time (to 80%/100%)30 / 140 min60 / 200 min60 / 200 min30 / 140 min60 / 200 min60 / 200 min
Travel speed0.45 m/s0.45 m/s0.45 m/s0.5 m/s0.5 m/s0.5 m/s
Battery capacity83 Wh180 Wh259 Wh83 Wh180 Wh259 Wh
Weight15.0 kg15.0 kg15.0 kg15.0 kg15.0 kg16.0 kg
Sound power level***61 dB(A)61 dB(A)61 dB(A)61 dB(A)61 dB(A)61 dB(A)
Sound pressure level***48 dB(A)48 dB(A)48 dB(A)48 dB(A)48 dB(A)48 dB(A)
Bluetooth/wi-fi/mobile networkyes/yes/noyes/yes/noyes/yes/noyes/yes/yesyes/yes/yesyes/yes/yes

STIHL iMOW® robotic mowers: for a perfectly maintained lawn 

STIHL iMOW® robotic mowers mow your lawn completely automatically, can handle gradients up to 40% (and even 45% for the EVO models) and independently recharge themselves. Thanks to electric height cutting adjustment and a new mowing system, you can achieve precise mowing results every time.


Advantages of the STIHL iMOW® 

Why should I get an iMOW® robotic mower? We have listed the main advantages of the STIHL iMOW® system for you here.

The STIHL ¡MOW® as a smart product

With the MY iMOW® app and smart home integration, STIHL robotic mowers offer smart, straightforward operation.

A woman operating the STIHL iMOW® EVO in her garden using a tablet

Operation via the MY iMOW® app 

The MY iMOW® app makes your iMOW® robot mower even smarter. Conveniently control your device from anywhere, rapidly retrieve mowing data in real time and much more. You can download the MY iMOW® robotic mower app from the App Store and Google Play or get started online straight away at: 

Using the STIHL MY iMOW® app, you can individually set the mowing duration wherever you are, and create an agile mowing plan. You always have an overview of maintenance information, performance data and other important functions of the robotic mower in real time.

For greater flexibility, the mowing plan can be individually adapted to seasonal growth phases. You can also use the app to view current weather forecasts and respond to these during active periods. 

The new iMOW® robotic mowers are equipped with numerous sensors that detect if the iMOW® is picked up, and immediately trigger an alarm. In addition to carrying detection, the new iMOW® models also have another safety feature: when the function is activated via the app, the iMOW® robotic mower is blocked as soon as the power tool is outside its defined home area. You will also be able to access information about the mowing performance of your iMOW® robotic mower. The STIHL iMOW® app is available for Android and iOS smartphones, and also as a web app for your computer. 

Installation support

A STIHL dealer standing in a customer’s garden with an iMOW® EVO in their hand and the iMOW® box in front of them, ready to help with installation

Through our specialist dealers

Nobody knows the iMOW® robotic mower better than your authorised STIHL dealer. They will be happy to carry out installation for you. If you wish, they can also lay the boundary wire for you, place the docking station, create the mowing plan, and program all the necessary settings on the iMOW®. 

Questions and answers


Man on laptop with iMOW operating in the background

Frequently asked questions about the STIHL iMOW® Robotic Lawnmowers