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The STIHL AP 500 S battery represents a significant advancement in batery power. With an impressive 337 Wh capacity, it is the largest STIHL AP Battery, empowering professionals to tackle bigger tasks with increased power and extended run times.

The AP 500 S high-capacity battery delivers a remarkable 40% boost in power output and a 20% increase in capacity when compared to the AP 300 S and boasts an impressive 2,500 chargin cycle life. Remarkably lightweight at just 2 kg, it offers the best power-to-weight ratio within the STIHL AP System.

The AP 500 S operates at full capacity until the battery is depleted, ensuring no gradual reduction in power during use. It also features built-in sensors that promptly shut down the machine if the battery temperature becomes too high. Furthermore, this battery is compatible with the STIHL AL 101, AL 301, Al 500 Chargers, providing versatility and convenience to professionals.

AP 500 S

Technical details

Weight2 kg
Rated voltage36 V
Battery Capacity337 W·h 1)
Battery cell technologyLITHIUM-ION

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