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The STIHL FH-KM 145° scrub cutter is a versatile CombiTool designed to meet the needs of both professionals and hobby gardeners. This powerful tool is ideal for effectively trimming shrubs and bushes that are close to the ground. Whether you're working on traffic islands, road edges, or your own garden, the FH-KM 145° scrub cutter, with its 126 cm total length, allows you to perform cutting and mowing tasks comfortably while standing upright.

The 25cm  cutter bar on the FH-KM 145° scrub cutter can be adjusted to angles of up to 145°. This means you can tackle even the most challenging and tight spaces with ease. The oscillating blades of the cutter prevent debris such as stones or branches from being thrown around during operation. This feature is especially useful when working in areas close to traffic where low-spin operation is crucial.

Once your work is done, the STIHL FH-KM 145° can be conveniently folded for easy transportation. It is quick & easy to attach to any of the Combi Engines.

FH-KM  145°

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