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BGA 300 backpack cordless leaf blower: very quiet despite high blowing power

When carrying out cleaning tasks in areas where noise sensitivity is a concern, the noise generated by power tools becomes a significant environmental factor. To address this, the STIHL BGA 300 backpack cordless blower has been equipped with the innovative STIHL Noise Reduction System, resulting in a noticeable reduction in noise emissions. Additionally, specific frequencies have been dampened to create a more pleasing and less disruptive sound pattern. The blower boasts an impressive maximum airspeed of 86 m/s, ensuring exceptional cleaning performance. With this capability, the blower can swiftly and effectively clear away even heavy and damp leaves, making it an efficient choice for cleaning parks, paths, and roads.

To ensure optimal energy management, the control handle of the STIHL BGA 300 cordless blower comes with an integrated LED display. This feature allows users to conveniently adjust the blowing force according to the specific cleaning task at hand. The blower offers four predefined power levels (ranging from levels 1 to 3, along with a continuous boost mode) to cater to various requirements. For tasks in confined spaces, the quick-adjust blower tube can be easily shortened or extended, offering flexibility and adaptability. The blower's compact design further enhances its usability, allowing for efficient cleaning even in tight spaces such as between parked vehicles.

Designed with user comfort in mind, the blower features an ergonomic carrying system complete with comfortable shoulder straps and a hip belt. The design of the STIHL AR L backpack battery ensures that the center of gravity is positioned close to the user's body, promoting optimal weight distribution during use. To achieve maximum blowing power, the BGA 300 requires at least a STIHL AR 2000 L or AR 3000 L backpack battery.

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