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The STIHL SG 31 manual garden sprayer is designed for domestic users, offering versatility for a range of tasks including garden maintenance, pesticide application, weed and pest control, and fertilizing your plants. This sprayer includes both a brass hollow cone nozzle and a fan jet nozzle for precise liquid application. It excels in tasks requiring precise application as well as covering medium-sized cultivated areas.

Operating the sprayer is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly design, featuring a large filler opening and an ergonomic shut-off valve with a telescopic tube, which enables you to halt spraying promptly using the large lever on the shut-off valve. Additionally, the transparent 5-liter tank extends your working time by reducing the need to refill frequently, and its handy scale ensures you can easily monitor the fill level.

SG 31

Technical details

Weight1.3 kg
Tank Capacity5 l

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