Material Safety Data Sheets

You can download our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) here. These documents contain all the relevant product safety information.

STIHL PS 3000 Power Supply

STIHL AR 2000 Backpack Battery

STIHL AR 2000L, AR 3000L Battery

STIHL MultiOil Bio

STIHL Gear Lubricant Grease

STIHL Glissa Valve Grease

STIHL Multiclean

STIHL Superlube Gear Grease

STIHL BT Earmuff with Battery

STIHL HP 2 Stroke Oil

STIHL HP Ultra 2 Stroke Oil


STIHL Fuel Stabiliser

VIKING Motor Oil

STIHL BioPlus Chain and Bar Oil

STIHL SynthPlus Chain and Bar Oil

STIHL ForestPlus Chain and Bar Oil

STIHL Cleaning Products

STIHL Universal Cleaner CU 100

STIHL Vehicle Cleaner CC 100

STIHL Varioclean

STIHL Resin Solvent Superclean

STIHL Multispray

STIHL Silicon Spray

Press Fluid OH 723

Transport of Lithium ion batteries

STIHL AP 115, AP 160, AP 180 Battery Pack

STIHL AP 200, AP 300 Battery

STIHL AP 300 S Battery

STIHL AK 10, AK 20, AK 30 Battery

STIHL AR 1000, AR 3000 Back Pack Battery

STIHL HSA 25 Battery Pack

STIHL AP 160 Battery Pack

STIHL AR 900 Battery Pack


STIHL ProCom Earmuffs

Cylinder Sealant

Engine sealant

STIHL Superlube FS Grease

STIHL Nose Sprocket Grease

STIHL Multilube Grease