STIHL Service Advantage

Extend your Warranty - Get the most our of your STIHL petrol-powered machine.

STIHL Service Advantage


Regular servicing of your STIHL products, along with using high quality oil, will safeguard what you value the most in all of our STIHL products – longevity and performance.

That is why STIHL have created a new programme called the STIHL Service Advantage.


About STIHL Service Advantage.
STIHL Service Advantage is a program where you can extend the warranty of your STIHL petrol-fuelled product, if you both use STIHL HP Ultra Oil or STIHL MotoMix in your Petrol Machine, and get it serviced every year by an authorised STIHL Dealer.
By joining the program, you could effectively double the warranty to 4 years on a STIHL petrol machine when you use it in a Domestic, Lifestyle Block, or Farming application.

Or to put it simply...
Annual Service + STIHL HP Ultra Oil or STIHL MotoMix = STIHL Service Advantage


Advantages of Joining the STIHL Service Advantage Programme
The STIHL Service Advantage programme will give you the opportunity to:
a) Effectively double the warranty for a STIHL Petrol Machine at the price of a 1 x 1L STIHL HP Ultra Oil or 1 x 1L STIHL MotoMix, and
b) Increase the performance and longevity of your STIHL product through both regular servicing, and using a premium quality 2 Stroke oil.


How to Join the STIHL Service Advantage Programme
It couldn't be easier!
All you need to do is buy and use the correct premium STIHL oil,
and to opt-in to reminders (shown on your Warranty Registration Card) when you purchase a STIHL Petrol Machine.
STIHL will take care of the rest. We will send you a helpful reminder when it's almost time to get your petrol machine serviced.
Your STIHL Petrol Machine can be serviced at any one of over a hundred STIHL dealers across the country.


Terms and Conditions
• The first service given to a new STIHL machine is free, and counts as the annual service in year 1,
• STIHL Service Advantage is only available for petrol powered STIHL product,
• STIHL Service Advantage can only be entered if the STIHL HP Ultra Oil or STIHL MotoMix is purchased at the same time as the STIHL Machine. A Proof of purchase maybe requested in case of Warranty claims.